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Mobile UI/UX Design Internship in Berlin

Our Berlin office is looking for an User Interface / User Experience designer with an eye for details and easy yet beautiful mobile user interfaces, hands-on skills in mobile design and typography and familiar with creative computer tools (Photoshop, InDesign, etc.).

What you will do

  • Provide design assets such as photos, graphics, icons, and layouts (mobile, online, print)
  • Work in close collaboration with other team members (concepters, developers) and customers
  • Design (mobile) apps and websites for smartphones, tablets and the web
  • (Optional) Visualize ideas, create mockups and mobile app wireframes with tools such as Cacoo, Balsamiq or Axure

Who you are

  • You love to design the most beautiful mobile apps in the world
  • You love Photoshop and InDesign and are a design enthusiast
  • This is a plus: You have some knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and maybe JavaScript
  • You love Berlin because you feel the creative vibe of the city

Internship in Berlin Friedrichshain

  • You are about to get started with mobile app design, but you already have experience in digital graphic work.
  • The perfect candidate studies interface design or similar
  • Your mandatory intership duration: minimum 4-6 months


To apply send us your CV and work samples to with the subject Berlin Mobile UI/UX Design Intern. We love to hear from you!

Und natürlich sprechen wir auch Deutsch! Wir bevorzugen jemanden, der langfristig in das Team wächst und damit mit uns auch langfristig zusammenarbeiten will. Und ja: ein Like unserer Facebook Seite erhöht natürlich selbstverständlich die Jobchancen 😉

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