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Tourality - Outdoor GPS Game Soccer Board

User Reviews

Amazing! The Best “share my location” app. Neither Glimpse nor Google Map sharing send you the long & lat coordinates. Try sending your location to yourself from this app and you will be amazed by details. This is by far the best. Great work!!!

User ‘abhi’ im Android Market über One Touch Location / Hier Bin Ich

The best free guitar tuner I come accross so far also a chord ref a great and useful app for players at all levels.

User ‘gavin’ in Android Market about guitar pal – Guitar Tuner & Chords

Great game! Hope more danish player will join.

User ‘Ivan’ in Android Market about Tourality Treasure Hunt Multiplayer Game

Simple yet perfect.
Does exactly what it says. Very nice app !

User ‘MilanCankovic’ in BlackBerry App World about Soccer Board

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