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Typography in Mobile Apps

Posted Juli 3rd, 2015 in Blog by creative workline

SimpleMapp Desk

If you are a designer and working on mobile design you always need to be up-to-date because of the quickly evolving trends. We see new trends appearing in a higher rate than before. We have often written about certain evolving trends in mobile design such as Interface and visualdesign, but the (proper) usage of typography is becoming more important. It isn’t just a trend that partially defines the visual communication of an app anymore. It’s the backbone of an app, as we still mostly communicate with text.

The User Interface (UI) of mobile apps is built up from different elements, such as a navigation bars, tab bars, side menus, etc and backed up by icons or graphic elements. Besides all these visual elements we keep on communicating in the most traditional and efficient way: via text. ‘They’ say that 95% of the communication on the internet is via text. And this is exactly the part that web designers weren’t paying attention to, until a couple of years ago. We’re active in a field that is more matured now, and typography has become is more a design trend rather than ‘only’ informative. Continue Reading »

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Android 5.0 Lollipop: A look into Material Design

Posted Januar 10th, 2015 in Blog by creative workline

Android 5.0 Lollipop

As the flat design trend keeps on being implemented everywhere around us, the designers at Google are busy implementing it in all of their products. Anyone who is using and keeping track of Google’s products can tell that all products are making use of their design language called Material Design. From the 5th version of Android that is called Lollipop, we can see that Material Design is used in their mobile operating system.

Material Design

Google owns a lot of (digital) products and they are getting design updates separately. With a new complete design language all products will be more coherent. Google had a goal in sight before they started creating their new design language. They wanted to design a visual language that uses classic principles of good design and implement it on a technological level. With the new Material Design they wanted to implement a newer (flatter) design language, but wanted to make the design elements act and move as real existing elements.

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SimpleMapp Redesign for iOS & Android

Posted Oktober 31st, 2014 in Blog by creative workline

SimpleMapp RedesignAt creative workline we define our products in two ways: products for customers and own products. With our highly driven team we are constantly improving our products. The products we make for customers are limited to a deadline, but the best thing about our own products is: these are ongoing projects and we can keep on improving them.


SimpleMapp is a cross-platform app (iOS, Android and Web) which provides our end users the possibility to find interesting locations, everywhere, anytime. It also supplies the tool to users who want to share their locations via the nummerous in-apps. To top that, we can deliver this tool to anyone who wants to have an own app in the Apple App Store of Google Play Store.

The technique behind SimpleMapp is ahead of our competition and therefore  v1.0 as it is now is just the beginning.

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