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Mobile UX Design Trends 2016

Posted Januar 18th, 2016 in Allgemein by creative workline

User Experience

During the process of creating an interactive product, you are going through a lot of phases. Such as concepting, wireframing, designing, developing and testing. The interesting part of all phases is: in every single one we need to keep the user central. In every phase decisions have to be made, where a main question arises: „what is in it for my users?“. Keep focused on giving your users the best experience you can. Here are some UX trends we need to keep in mind in 2016.

A lot of people mix up the terminology, so a brief explanation wouldn’t do any harm:

UI is the User Interface. This includes everything the user can see and touch. Buttons, menu, navigation elements, text, etc.

UX is the User Experience. The „why?“ behind all the changes you make. UX isn’t visible, it is the experience you’re giving your users. If that is through interface elements, through simplifying the way your users are accomplishing their goals, the way they are delighted by details, etc.

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